Mortal Online 2 Commands y Codes

Mortal Online 2 is now out on Steam. It is a first person sandbox MMORPG, y a direct sequel to Mortal Online. Players get to explore a massive open sandbox world y choose their own path, as they scout a world full of loots.

Mortal Online 2 Chat Commands y Codes

Here are all the Mortal Online 2 Commands that you can use in the chat:

/mute [Name of the player you want to mute] Mute a player. Just type /mute followed by their name. For example – /mute mike
/unmute [Name of the player you want to mute] Unmute a player. Just type /unmute followed by their name. For example – /unmute rob
/? Shows you a list of various commands
/droploot This will drop everything that you have in your inventory. This is useful if you want to empty your inventory quickly.
/endtutorial To end on screen tutorials
/resettutorial To restart on screen tutorials
/version If you want to know the version of Mortal Online 2 you are playing
/fps Enable FPS Counter
/time To know the exact server time
/guildabandon Allows you to discard your own guild as a leader
/guildleave If you want to leave a guild you joined
/emotes shows you a list of in-game emote.
/emote Allows you to emote in the game. Just type /emote followed by the emote name. For example – /emote clap

Here is the list of all the emotes you can use with this command:

  • Bow
  • Chestbump
  • Clap
  • ClapLong
  • CrackKnuckles
  • CrossArms
  • DedicateLong
  • Flex
  • FlipOff
  • Hopak
  • PraiseTheSun
  • PraiseTheSunLong
  • Saltarello
  • Salute
  • SaluteLong
  • SignHello
  • SignMeet
  • SignName
  • SnapFinger
  • Squat
  • Stretch
  • Threaten
  • ThumbsDown
  • ThumbsUp
  • Wave

Those are all the commands you can use in Mortal Online 2. But, if this table is missing any, then do let me know by typing the command y its function, in the comment section below. I will update this article with your information, y credit you as well.

How to use commands in Mortal Online 2

Using commands in Mortal Online 2 is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is open your in-game chat, y type the commands there.

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Last Updated on January 26, 2022